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alt Ultrasonolipolysis® Signature Treatment

Do you know that the power of sound can help you beat obesity? It’s called Ultrasonolipolysis®. This patented French technology has been in use in Europe by medical doctors for the past 20 years.

In 1998, Unisense® pioneered Ultrasonolipolysis® in Asia. Ultrasonolipolysis® uses low-frequency ultrasound in the medical treatment of fat tissue and cellulite. The concept relies on the stable, non-destructive cavitation effect of patented ultrasonic heads. Ultrasonolipolysis® is a revolutionary innovation in fat reduction technology.

Ultrasonolipolysis® harnesses the power of ultrasound to break down stubborn fat for easy and quick metabolism. Tried, tested and trusted, Ultrasonolipolysis® remains one of the best and safest ways to manage body weight. No need for heavy exercises. No need for injections.

Technology does all the workout for you.

Ask our consultant about our medically proven treatments for overall weight reduction, spot reduction and elimination of cellulite.

Ultrasonolipolysis® is ideal for
• People with increased body mass index (BMI) – as initial therapy
• People following a diet – for elimination of remaining problem zones
• People with a normal body mass index (BMI) - for a perfect body silhouetted

Benefits of Ultrasonolipolysis®
• Volume reduction of both surface and hidden fat tissue.
• Purification of tissue
• Improved cellular metabolism
• Micro drainage
• Anti-inflammation effect

Patented transducers plates


Ultrasonolipolysis® Recomended Programmes


* Per session is 20mins
* Results may vary depends to individuals

• Major infections or sore skin lesions
• Phlebitis (vein inflammation)
• Cancer
• Tuberculosis
• Recent skin grafts
• Pregnancy
• Intense osteoporosis

Relative Contraindications
• Treatment within close proximity of artificial joints
• Thoracic treatment when using cardiac pacemaker



Lymphatic Drainage & Detox TreatmentA medical device using electrostimulation. Uses low frequency current to work on each lymphatic system by stimulating and regulating it with electrical pulses. Eliminates free fatty acids and toxins via lymphatic channels after Ultrasonolipolysis® treatment. Can also be used as a preventative treatment for deep vein thrombosis, for treatment of venous and lymphatic conditions, and cardiovascular and immune system malfunction due to poor lymphatic drainage. Aids in sports rehabilitation for the treatment of muscle fatigue.




Sonolift Anti-Cellulite TreatmentUses low frequency ultrasound to treat cellulite. Improves skin appearance, dramatically reducing the wavy and orange peel look on the skin. Restores skin’s elasticity and firmness. Reshapes the body with significant reduction of cellulite, usually by the third or fourth session.


Sudatonic Intensive Slimming TreatmentA therapeutic and invigorating slimming massage using sudatonic creams containing natural essential oils to activate the physiological processes of exchanges and elimination through the process of thermosudation. Gets rid of excess body water and toxins and improves overall circulation.


UniFirm & UniTone TreatmentUses electrostimulation aimed to stimulate muscles in order to tone, to reinforce or to build them. Can be used to tone localised and targeted problem areas such as the tummy, buttocks, arms (biceps & triceps), thighs, inner thighs and calves.







Skin Retexturising & Drainage TreatmentUsing gentle suction of the machine, the pulsating and suction modes promote and enhance blood  flow and lymphatic circulation. Eliminates toxins and free fatty acids to enhance overall well-being. Lightens scars and stretch marks, improves skin tone and texture.


French Presotherapy Anti-Water Retention TreatmentUses pneumatic pressure through special equipment designed to apply varying waves of pressure to the lower body to get rid of excess water and enhance lymphatic drainage. Natural treatment using air pressure to correct alternations of lymphatic microcirculation. Helps eliminate accumulated fat and toxins. Ideal for individuals with heavy legs and lower body water retention, especially for women with premenstrual syndrome and postnatal water retention problems.


StarVac TreatmentCombines the benefits of a manual and mechanical massage to shape and contour the body while toning and smoothening skin texture. Stimulates the lymphatic and blood circulation, as well as eliminating toxins from the body.  Tightens the skin and treats cellulite problems. End result is a shapelier and more alluring silhouette and a rejuvenated sense of well-being.


Thermal Blanket TreatmentA hot, energy-releasing sensation treatment that induces perspiration to cleanse, drain, and detox, while breaking down fats. Promotes cardiovascular activity, increasing blood flow and caloric combustion to aid in the breakdown of fat deposits and reduction of body toxins.





Baltic Vacupresso TreatmentDeveloped by medical doctors in the Baltic States in Europe, this full-body
massage treatment enhances lymphatic drainage and reduces water retention. Combines manual and vacuum suction massage techniques to deliver optimum results and therapeutic effects. Reduces cellulite, contours the body and rejuvenates the system by eliminating body toxins. Highly recommended for those who wish to achieve an overall sense of well-being while working on problem cellulite areas.


Cellugone TreatmentUses a combination of low frequency ultrasound and roller suction cupping techniques to treat cellulite. Works on superficial layer of the skin while penetrating deep into the skin to break down triglycerides accumulated in the adipocytes, improving blood circulation, firming up and improving skin tone. The result is smoother, more even skin tone and elimination of stubborn cellulite.


Deep Vein Massage TreatmentUsing the principles of manual lymphatic drainage which moves the skin in specific directions, this massage combines the therapeutic effects of manual massage and a medical device “Data Vein” for lymphatic drainage and double detoxification.Highly recommended as a lymphatic drainage treatment to eliminate fatty acids and toxins after Ultrasonolipolysis® slimming treatment.Ideal for treating water retention while increasing the body’s immune defense system.Excellent for stress management and detox treatment. Recommended for frequent travelers to prevent deep vein thrombosis, as treatment for venous and lymphatic conditions, sports injuries and cardiovascular and immune system malfunction due to poor lymphatic drainage. Also highly effective in treating bruising.


Thermal Active Slim TreatmentA slimming treatment combining skin retexturing and wrapping for fluid reduction and detoxification. Produces a hot effect to rapidly burn away fats and increase blood circulation. Stimulates fat catabolism by softening fats in localised areas and increasing the body’s ability to break down sugar, and decreasing the chance of carbohydrates turning into fats. Best targeted areas are thighs, waist, tummy, arms and buttocks.